Project ePAY

ECommerce Payment Acceptance at Yale (ePAY) project, designed to build a consistent e-commerce platform across the University, is underway. This multi-year project is fundamental to ensuring that Yale has a standardized, scalable, efficient, and compliant payment acceptance solution that will keep pace with the current and future needs of its departments and business units.

Project ePAY represents a shift to an e-commerce model that promotes consistency and meets the security compliance requirements of its growing credit card transaction levels.

Project ePAY will implement solutions that will strengthen the Yale brand by improving the customer and donor experience. Our customers, parents, students and donors will have a similar experience when making a donation, purchasing merchandise or registering for an event anywhere at Yale. Websites can be branded to showcase a department’s unique value proposition while having a similar look and feel in offering acceptable forms of payment, layout, shopping cart, and checkout. Later our customers will be able to enter a virtual mall, and in one place, purchase Yale-branded merchandise, pay application fees and make donations seamlessly. Project ePAY implementation will result in streamlined payment processing operations and administration, improved payment data security, better reporting capabilities, and enhanced support capability.

Download the eCommerce Payment Acceptance at Yale handout.